About Cymatic

Cymatic is a software firm specialising in high speed trading platforms. Its Betfair trading software is popular with many traders around the world, both professionals and novices.

In 2007, the founder began creating computer software platforms for online betting and financial trading, eventually leading to the foundation of Cymatic.

Cymatic Ltd was incorporated in England & Wales in 2011, company number 07741369.

Registered Office: Unit 35b, Lady Lane Industrial Estate, Hadleigh, Ipswich, IP7 6BQ. (United Kingdom)

About the founder

Gavin is a UK based trader and entrepreneur. He has founded and held directorships at a number of successful private limited companies.

He graduated from King's College London with a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science with Management. In his early career he provided training courses in computer programming to a number of blue chip firms such as S. G. Warburg & Co.

In 1995 he started a telecom company offering discounted line rental, calls and broadband to UK businesses. He created the company's billing system and database programs and grew the firm as a licensed operator with its own telecom exchange in London. He successfully sold the business to a larger telecom firm in 2008.

Since 1999 he has also served as a director of a family owned company, which has been trading since 1979.

In addition to his interest in software for sports betting and trading, Gavin has also traded Forex and Crude Oil futures and programmed trading systems that work completely on auto-pilot.