Sports Trader / Quant Strategist

Are you already a successful professional trader or someone with a tested strategy who is looking to fully automate it, or just looking for help taking your profits to the next level?  A collaborative joint venture might be the way forward and could offer you these advantages:

  • Help to fully automate and enhance your strategy.
  • Potentially lower commission fees on your winnings.
  • Funding.
  • Multiple accounts.
  • Legally operate your strategies in the UK to avoid jurisdictional problems in your home country.

Cymatic is run by Gavin, a professional trader and coder with a computer science degree, who has devised and programmed proprietary strategies making substantial profits consistently over many years.  So if you are a talented trader or quant strategist, we should probably be talking.

Please contact Gavin now  with a brief description of your situation.  All communications are treated as strictly confidential.