Betfair Live Video

The Betfair live video feed can be watched more conveniently from within the Cymatic software and avoids using a separate web browser. The video window in Cymatic can be easily resized and made very compact and can even be pinned to always stay on top of other windows.

Login to live video

Click the live video button (shown below), to open the live video window.

Screenshot of button to open Betfair Live Video

Then login to Betfair Live Video, this is only needed once per trading session.

Screenshot of events in Betfair Live Video - Advanced Cymatic Trader

Select an event from the list

Select from the available events shown in the live video window.


You can resize the window and scroll around. This enables you to choose a more compact size that suits the event and your available screen space. Some examples are shown below.

If desired, you can also pin the window to the front of your screen by clicking the green pin in the top left corner of the live video window.

Screenshot of football live video - Advanced Cymatic Trader Screenshot of tennis live video - Advanced Cymatic Trader