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  • 14 days FREE TRIAL - see pricing  for more details.
  • Certified by Betfair - security tested and approved by Betfair. Compatible with Betfair's new system.
  • Unbeatable speed - super fast trading on Betfair, using real time streaming prices (0ms interval)
  • Support - direct contact with the developer/coder plus a large community of users at the forum to share knowledge with.
  • Training Mode (Demo) - an option to practise without risking real money.
  • Grid Interface - single click trading, compact Betfair-style trading grid.
  • Ladder Interface - full depth of market, single click trading, queue position (see below) and built-in robot.
  • Position In Queue (PIQ) - provides a real-time estimated PIQ, arguably the most important and unique feature of our ladder!
  • Excel Integration Excel Integration - view realtime prices in Excel, trigger bets from Excel and even build your own completely automated trading robot!
  • Automated Trading Robot - included is a unique Betfair bot, watch it trade on the ladder for you!
  • Keyboard Betting and Shortcuts - Intelligent 'Rapid Betting' keys can be faster than moving a mouse around.
  • Multi-Market - trade several different markets simultaneously.
  • Managed Markets (Guardian) - works in the background to gather data from multiple 'managed' markets and maintain offset bets.
  • My Markets - a list of markets that you have bookmarked.
  • Tick Offset - automatically sends an opposing bet, after you get matched.
  • Stop Loss - automatically limits your losses. Trailing Stop Loss can also protect profits.
  • Fill or Kill - automatically cancels a bet if not matched with a specified timeframe
  • Greening (Cash-out) - a single click to lock in your profit (or loss) regardless of the outcome.
  • Racing Autopilot - it can automatically select each horse race and move forward.
  • Football Odds Predictor - calculates the expected odds statistically, to help you identify trading opportunities when market prices are misaligned.
  • Betfair Live Video - watch live sporting events in a compact resizeable window.
  • Advanced Charts - possibly the most comprehensive integrated charting available in any Betfair application.
  • Betfair Charts - automatically refreshing Betfair price/volume charts.
  • Customize - easily customize ladders and charts. Save unlimited layouts to files. Choose colours.
  • API Monitoring - for real-time overview and management of internet and exchange issues.
  • Instant Email Notifications - of errors and API Monitor reports.
  • Supports multiple monitors - perfect for viewing multiple ladder windows.
  • All market types - works with all Betfair market types.
  • Accounting - downloading/filtering of betting history and account statements.
  • Intuitive - designed for professional traders, but easy for novices too.
  • Languages - Flag of United Kingdom English, Flag of Portugal Portuguese, Flag of Russia Russian.

Cymatic includes a number of innovative features not seen before in other similar software:

  • It was the first Betfair software to reveal the PIQ (estimated Position In Queue) which is now regarded as essential by many traders.
  • It was also the first to introduce such advanced charting with the ability to draw magnetic trend lines.
  • It includes a free automated robot integrated into the ladder interface.
  • Rapid keyboard betting option, enabling you to work faster than using just a mouse.
  • Advanced API Monitor with triggered warnings on screen and via email.

The 'API Monitor' feature can instantly reveal errors or bottlenecks caused by the internet or the exchange.  Critically, it helps you avoid trading during bad periods, that other traders may often be oblivious to.  It is just one of the unique features designed for professional traders but equally welcomed by novices.

Advanced Cymatic Trader is popular with traders in many countries around the world.

So whether you are looking to enhance your manual trading, or fully automate your strategy, Cymatic will help you take your Betfair trading to another level.

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