'My Markets' is simply a list of markets that you have bookmarked. It enables you to quickly select markets that you have previously bookmarked, without having to search for them again.

Add a market

Right-click the market in the Navigator list and then choose 'Add to My Markets'.

Remove a market

To remove a previously added market from 'My Markets', simply right-click the market (or a group of markets) and then choose 'remove'. This only removes it from the list of 'My Markets', it does not affect the market if you are using it in other parts of the software. In other words, it simply removes the bookmark.

Manage a market

Right-click on a market, then choose 'Manage', this adds the market to 'Managed' markets tab and commences automatic management.

View a market

Left-click a market to open it in the main window's grid. Alternatively you can right-click on a market and choose 'New Grid' to open it in a separate new grid window.