You can use the 'Filter' tab to create a customized list of events and also choose the order in which they are displayed. Your list of events will be displayed in the Filter tab, for you to navigate easily.

How it works

Select the Filter tab. It is next to the Navigator tab, as shown in the picture below.

Filter events tab in Cymatic Trader

Choose either the search button or one of the specific sports. This will open the filter / search form as shown below.

Filter / Search events with screenshots and explanation of how to use it

Filter Criteria

There are a number of criteria that you can specify, for example

  • Text query (see below)
  • BSP only - search for races which operate with a Betfair Starting Price
  • Event Type - for example the name of the sport
  • Turns in-play - whether betting is allowed when the event starts (e.g. after kick off)
  • In-play - whether the event has already begun
  • Time range period in which the events start
  • Market Type - WIN or PLACE, for horse racing and greyhounds only
  • With Bets - whether you have already placed bets on the event
  • Country Code - click the binoculars to display a full list of country code and tick them.

Please ensure that you switch the selection to Betfair AUS if you want to choose events from the Australian Exchange. Events can not be retrieved from both the UK and AUS exchanges simulataneously


You can input any search term into the box labelled 'Text Query', in order to find all events containing the search term. For example, you might enter:

  • Federer
  • Premier league
  • Man Utd


After choosing criteria, click the preview button (magnifying glass). Any events matching your criteria will now be displayed in the panel to the right.


After loading the events into the preview panel, you can sort them by clicking on a column title. If you click on the 'OpenDate' column title, the events will be sorted by start time. Any events with the same start time will be additionally sorted by name.

This is not available for horse racing or dogs, which are always chronological.


After previewing the results, you can click the button to confirm the list and close the search form. The events will now be loaded into the Filter tab.

Go to the filter tab and expand the events to browse the markets within them. You can click on the name of a market to open it.

Filtered events populated, in Advanced Cymatic Trader